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Your scientific knowledge provider

Artificial Researcher is an information technology company and a start-up in the text mining industry. AR-IT was founded by TU Wien alumni and entrepreneur Linda Andersson together with her sisters Jenny Andersson and Nina Andersson and fellow researcher Dr. Florina Piroi.
We are specialists in developing novel and innovative scientific knowledge management systems tailored to the needs of researchers and information search professionals. Our system solutions automatically handle information needs and present the information to users accordingly. By exploring and implementing innovative text mining technologies, we provide industry and academia with unified platforms that increase the productivity of industry and academia end-users.

Automation & Reliability in 3D Bioprinting

Biomotion provides 3D Bioprinting systems. Projects in the R&D stage profit from a rapidly expandable bioprinting system that can cater to the exact needs of the user, whereas projects in the production stage profit from in-line quality management, as well as downstream integration and automation with external equipment.

We provide customized simulation tools to help the industry better understand and improve their products

We provide high end simulation technologies for experts on an open source basis. Our mesh generator Netgen and finite element library NGSolve are widely used in research to develop algorithms in a competitive and flexible environment. The TU Wien spin-off CERBSim connects companies facing challenging simulation tasks with the right people to solve them. We help researchers squeeze out the best performance and deliver competitive production code, provide support and training for applicants and bring in our mathematical expertise to solve the most challenging simulation tasks.

Smashing the wall of outdated testing methods with a revolutionary in vitro philosophy

CompreVie fuses microfluidic technology with scaffold-free tissue engineering to create human-relevant platforms for substance screening and disease modeling. Our biochip designs allow for mechanical tissue damage and topical product application, reducing product development time and costs for pharmaceutical and cosmetic & personal care industries.

See beyond a single case

contextflow uses deep learning-based technology to analyze medical image data and reports, reducing a radiologist’s time to diagnosis, improving reporting quality and increasing confidence. Our core technologies are SEARCH (3D image-based search engine) and TRIAGE (worklist prioritization tool) that detect disease patterns in lung CTs, including those related to COVID-19. We are a spin-off of the Medical University of Vienna (MUW), Technical University of Vienna (TU) and European research project KHRESMOI, supported by the i²c Innovation Incubation Center. Founded by a team of AI and engineering experts in July 2016, contextflow received the BCS Search Industry Most Promising Startup Award 2016, the 2017 Digital Innovation Award by the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science & Research, and was selected as one of 19 startups out of 700+ applications for the 2018 Philips HealthWorks accelerator. The Central European Startup Awards awarded us Best Healthcare Startup 2019 – Austria, and Forbes DACH listed us as one of the top AI30 startups for 2020.

Our sulfur resistant catalyst technology converts CO2 emission costs into value generation from methanol.

Based on a next generation catalyst material, the co2ol catalyst technology enables recycling of of CO2 emissions to methanol, a key platform molecule for the chemical industry. In a unique way we combine reduction of local CO2 emissions with the potential for defossilization of chemical value chains.

Grow. Different. (Winner of the i²c Award)

For the sake of sustainability, Evologic is employing biotechnological approaches to render natural solutions as biostimulants, food or feed additives, etc. compatible with the mass market. Evologic delivering unmet product quality to microbial bioactives for the feed additive and Ag input industry (biocontrol and biostimulants) by utilizing pharma bioprocessing technologies. The proprietary bioreactor design yields allows producing even fungi-free of reproducibly without contamination and free of carrier materials.

AI-powered revolution for outcome-driven design of industrial buildings and production facilities

Factorymaker develops a collaborative, cloud-based AI software with novel optimization algorithms that empower architects, civil engineers and production planners as well as real estate developers and factory owners, to design cost- and resource-efficient production-, warehouse and logistic buildings. The software enables the integrated development and optimization of production layout and building design following the principle of maximum flexibility and sustainability. The re-imagined planning process automates repetitive manual planning steps and provides users with rapid cost and sustainability feedback to make better design decisions at early stages.

Huber Scientific is providing novel scientific equipment for multiple purpose experimental approaches

Huber Scientific develops novel solutions for experimental equipment used in the fields of Electrochemistry and Solid State Ionics. These innovative setups not only enable completely new experiments but also allow for the first time a combination of different, complementary methods. Huber Scientific will also supply completely new designed and improved test equipment for standardized measurements, which is much easier to repair, simpler to use and much cheaper than other test stations already available on the market. Up until now, research groups worldwide had to develop and build their own measurement equipment since for many experiments no commercial setups were available. This often resulted in makeshift equipment of varying quality with no long term support.
With years of experience in designing high quality and easy to use and upkeep experimental equipment, Huber Scientific will help research groups all over the world to focus on what they are doing best: Delivering top-notch science

Enabling everyday.

Independo is a digital calendar diary that has been developed with and for people who have difficulties reading and writing. Instead of relying on text-based information we use Metacom symbols and audio to present events.

Duplicate image detection service to find plagiarism and fabrication in the scientific literature

ImageTwin is an AI-based software service to check scientific papers for problematic image duplicates. Although there are already established solutions for text plagiarism, image plagiarism usually goes undetected during peer review and leads to reputational damage and costly investigation processes. ImageTwin offers publishers, universities and research institutions a solution for an effective detection of image duplicates.

We implement intelligent technology to make mechanical engineering sustainable.

Our goal is to make mechanical engineering sustainable by implementing digital smart sensor systems. This new technology enables condition-based maintenance by visualizing wear and tear as the first and most direct indicator for damage. It reduces costs and increases the safety in critical areas of different industries by intelligent maintenance planning. We would like to define predictive maintenance in a new way and set a new standard in condition monitoring.

From proteins to stars.

We enable the world to see the invisible, from environmental to industrial, from protein to stars. Applications include improved disease understanding, drug development, virus detection, increased safety and more efficient protection of the environment. We do so by providing radically new nanoelectromechanical (NEMS)- based infrared sensors with incomparable sensitivity at room temperature.

AI Powered Soft Audit Assistant

Legitary is a music-tech startup and winner of the world’s leading music startup competition Midemlab. Our patented ML algorithm detects fraud in streaming data, like unpaid royalties or fakeplays. Working with labels and artists, we detect anomalies 275% more precisely than current technologies at incredible speed – analyzing 3 billion streams in under 5 mins. Combining 30+yrs research and 25+yrs music business expertise, Legitary aims to bring fairness and transparency to the streaming industry.

Natural replacement for synthetic UV-Filters, antioxidants and emulsifiers

Lignovations is developing and manufacturing bio-based lignin particles to replace problematic synthetic ingredients like UV-Filters, antioxidants and emulsifiers which have negative effects on human health, climate and the environment. Our natural lignin particles enable many industries such as cosmetics, coatings and food packaging to increase the sustainability of their products, thus accelerating the transition to a bio-based economy and creating a healthier future for our planet and its inhabitants.

We help you to build the most stunning scientific animations

Nanoscale biological processes, such as gene editing or DNA replication, cannot be seen due to physical limits of microscopes. When we want to explain these processes to someone, we have to use animation. These animations are usually simplified and schematic because it is expensive to make them realistic.
We make software that alleviates the creation of such animations while preserving realism down to atomic resolution. Our software plugs into the typical workflow of scientific illustrators, and besides accelerating both modelling and rendering of biological structures, it makes it possible to deploy the animations to virtual reality and other immersive environments. This allows us to create stunning, interactive installations explaining biology and other molecular processes to large audiences. Our tool can help scientific animators to accelerate their workflow, the biologists to communicate their findings, and science centers and museums to present state of the art science to large audiences.

Reduce emissions using data

Our software nista.io makes analysing IIoT data as easy as calculating on paper. The high interaction with sensordata makes energy visible and helps finding improvements on a daily basis. This is the basis for getting our CO2 emissions under real control.

Forget injections - Just take a pill

NovoArc uses a patented technology to replace injections with pills and enables the oral delivery of drugs by encapsulating them in special, highly stable lipids. This novel, biological coating increases the shelf life of drugs, protects them in the stomach and boosts bioavailability. NovoArc’s Team has more than 10 years of experience in developing production processes for pharmaceutical companies and offers a novel formulation for producers of pharmaceuticals and food supplements.

Human-in-the-loop AI for transparent natural language understanding

For AI companies who want to automate text processing tasks but struggle with the risks of black boxes, POTATO is a framework that offers white box solutions with human in the loop learning. Unlike Large Language Models, our product delivers compliant, cost efficient, and trustworthy solutions.

Predicting supply chain and sustainability risks

Manufacturing companies typically rely on 1000s of suppliers interconnected in complex, worldwide supply chain networks making it difficult to keep an overview about disruption and sustainability risks in their supply chain. Prewave is the next-generation supply chain intelligence platform that enables procurement professionals, sustainability and supply chain managers to follow their suppliers online and receive real-time and predictive information about events that might impact their suppliers. The platform is based on an algorithm that analyzes social and news media in more than 50 languages and identifies signals for more than 60 event types including industrial accidents, bankruptcies or natural disasters.

Generates Virtual Worlds

Architects, 3D artists and other creatives spend a lot of time using low-level digital tools to materialize their ideas. Our mission is to boost their creativity by supporting their expression on a higher level. Based on research in generative design at the TU Wien, we developed Michelangelo, a unique platform for collaborative design. It generates complete 3D scenes only from brief descriptions, allowing the users to rapidly explore various prototypes. Finishing adjustments can be easily performed by adding more specific descriptions at any abstraction level. Michelangelo extracts templates from existing designs all over the cloud and reuses them automatically to create new 3D content. We currently target applications in modular architecture, game design and dataset generation for AI training.

We make microplastics visible

It is the year 2020 and there is no established and scalable method for measuring microplastics – yet. Without sufficient data on the contamination of microplastics in food and the environment, there is no basis for its reduction. So far, one of the main reasons for this has been the lack of solutions for data analysis of microplastics measurements.

We have many years of experience in the analysis of microplastics and were able to overcome this hurdle by means of machine learning. We develop fast and robust algorithms to accurately classify microplastics regarding their size, quantity and type – within minutes. Bundled in software this enables laboratories to measure microplastics with reliable, fast and comparable results.

Forging pathways to renewable carbon products

Sisyphus is developing a process for the energy efficient conversion of CO2 to valuable products. Our core technology is based around a novel catalyst that allows carbon dioxide to be chemically recycled at lower costs and with greater energy efficiency, allowing production of more affordable green chemicals and sustainable aviation fuel.

We offer a pioneering technology for the efficient, fast and economic curing of epoxy-based resin systems

SpeedPox stands for an efficient and innovative technology for the curing of epoxy resins, that has been developed at TU Wien: Frontal Polymerization. The curing is initiated on demand by using a localized heat or temperature stimulus and propagates through the workpiece without any additional application of energy. Conventional energy-, time- and cost-intensive curing in large industrial ovens and autoclaves can therefore be avoided by the user. Our ready-to-use one-component formulations are storage stable for years and can also be employed for the fabrication of composite materials.

Our technology provides novel insights into RF chips for an accelerated development process.

SuRF (sub-µm radio frequency sensing) is a technology enabling contactless measurements of local signals within active microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuits. It provides an improved understanding of internal device behavior which can accelerate the chip development process and lead to a more efficient use of ressources.

Making flights turbulence-free.

We develop smart wings, which sense turbulence of the environment and adapt their shape to suppress the effects of turbulence in flight. Turbulence frequently lowers comfort and safety of passengers and causes economical damage to flight operators. With the "Turbulence Suppressing Program" - TSP - we finally are able to solve this long-term market request. TSP is a patented technology, which stabilizes aircraft in turbulent air. The basic principle of the technology is already applicable to state of the art aircraft by an innovative approach of flight control. By including new technologies like LiDAR and morphing structures, the impact of turbulence can further be significantly reduced.

UGP materials – CRYS* – the future of composite materials

UGP materials produce CRYS, the only polyimide with high crystallinity worldwide. It is produced in patented hydrothermal geomimetic polymer synthesis.
UGP materials are currently in its final days of pre-founding.
This structure gives the product superior attributes in terms of:
• thermal stability
• tensile & compressive strength
• ultra-lightweight
CRYS can be used in composite materials of all kinds from the coating, sports equipment, electronics up to aeronautics. Its unique structure allows the production of very small particles to be used in all kinds of composite production processes. It can be used when sintering a composite, for usage in films and additional reinforcement for resin-based composites like carbon fibers.
The patented production process achieves both the described attributes as well as being green by reducing the need for chemical components in the production of imides. This is achieved by crystallization of the product in pure water instead of using toxic solvents and catalysts like it is currently state-of-the-art.

An ultrasonic trap to catch very small particles in liquids – in order for them to be measured much better in industrial environments

In industry, the thirst for data to make qualified decisions is growing. Often it is not possible to obtain real-time data in industrial liquids. This is where our products come in. They improve measurements with probes in liquids by an order of magnitude so that real-time monitoring of the process and thus “real” process control without time delay is possible. By using our add-ons, savings in resources, time and personnel as well as optimization potentials in yield, product quality and production downtimes can be realized.

Bringing Chemistry to Life

Our mission is to overcome the poor selectivity of conventional cancer chemotherapeutics by improving the specificity and thus safety of those drugs. This is achieved by exploiting controllable, ultra-fast in vivo chemical reactions to precisely deliver and activate drugs only at the site of disease. Based on unique molecular designs, we recently developed superior chemical tools that elevate the standards of current state-of-the-art approaches. Within Velaex Technologies we provide methods to ‘preprogram’ the movement of compounds in living systems and thus enable drug targeting strategies with unprecedented efficiency, selectivity, and safety, paving the way to novel high-precision therapeutics.

Our Start-ups

Connecting you with your cattle

Currently, there is no reliable way of monitoring the health and the location of cattle on ranches and in the mountains. Alpion provides a smart ear-tag which monitors vital signs and the position of cattle 24/7. Combined with our monitoring platform which analyses each movement, cattle farmers are able to react faster to sick/injured animals which reduces overall deaths of cattle in the heard.

Scalable e-commerce fulfilment to online retailers

BYRD gives online shops access to a professional and international e-commerce logistics network. With BYRD, online retailers can outsource everything from the storage of their products to picking, packing and shipping of their e-commerce orders and focus on their core competencies such as marketing or product development instead. Thanks to BYRD’s distributed network of e-commerce fulfilment locations, retailers can make use of warehouses that are close to their end customers and benefit from fast shipping and attractive shipping conditions. All processes are completely automated and trackable in real-time thanks to the BYRD software which connects the retailer’s order management system to the warehouse. BYRD currently has 10 logistics centres across Europe and has already empowered hundreds of online retailers to bring their logistics to the next level.

Renewable benefits - energy sharing for business.

Sonnnig enables companies to share their self-produced renewable energy with their employees to provide sustainable employee benfits.

The App to Make an App

kula is a mobile app that enables everyone to create mobile apps. All you need is to tell kula which kind of app or what features you want and kula gives you a step by step guide that is easy to follow for non-technically skilled people. The apps then get published to the app stores automatically.

We reduce the entry barrier to 5G

phine.tech combines the best of IT and telecommunications. Our vision is to simplify 5G by opening 5G black-boxes to enable and accelerate Use Case development. Our solution, the 'Virtual 5G Lab', provides a real 5G network as a service, facilitating hands-on exploration of 5G capabilities. By simulating the physical layer and deploying it in the cloud, our lab is accessible from anywhere.

Phone Repair Comparison Platform

Repaaro is an online platform which provides the easiest, quickest and most transparent way to repair your smartphone. Simply search for your phone model and defect to quickly find the perfect repair service for your individual needs.
Our big vision is to restore the value of every little item in order to preserve our earth's resources. To provide everyone the opportunity to receive the best repair possible and to make repairing better than buying new.

The easiest way to collect and share your favorite video highlights!

Snipedy is a video-service which allows you to easily take out short clips of existing video streams. These short clips (= Snips) can have a maximum length of 16sec and can be shared using a simple weblink or Messenger-Extensions. With their snackable length, they are perfect for promotions, sneak previews and to spread the news by using Snips as video-quotes.

Vloor develops intelligent software for the automated processing of real estate data.

Vloor creates content for VR tours as well as 3D and 2D visualizations for real estate marketing. By using a common floor plan, our Deep Learning algorithms do all the work fully automated.

Make people love mornings.

Zeitgeber is a light therapy wake-up system that makes awakening enjoyable and improves mood, especially during winter. Unlike wake-up lights, it can adjust your inner clock so that waking up at the required time becomes your nature, while also including anti-depressant light therapy into the process.