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Finding Application Fields for Your Research

The Technology competence leveraging (TCL) methodology (Keinz & Prügl, 2010) allows you to discover the underutilized potential of your technology through discovering new application fields by applying a user-centric approach.  This workshop spanning over 3 months will provide you a concrete step-by-step methodology on how to:

  • Analyze your research results from a user perspective;
  • Search for market(s) with the highest commercial attractiveness;
  • Provide you with the means to select potential entry markets;
  • Decide what are the most relevant characteristics your product should have;

Participating scientists will receive personalized coaching directly targeted to their specific needs. And because this workshop is of interest to scientists who need support with the exploration & exploitation of the research results from a business perspective, we will as well introduce you to the steps and processes you need to undergo to transfer your research results to society. This workshop is a crucial step, moving from technological innovation to a business case.


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