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i²c Award

(€ 5000,- plus 1-year desk space at the TU Wien co-working space)

The i²c Award is a scholarship granted to Ph.D.s with a high potential research result. It offers PPh.D. graduates an alternative career path and the opportunity to focus on the commercialization of their Ph.D. result with a basic monthly income for 5 months after finishing their contract with TU Wien. This award comes with admittance into the TUW i²ncubator and thus, an office space in the TU Wien Founder Space for 1 year.


Who qualifies for the award?

The award is given to TU Wien scientists participating in the i²c STARTacademy who throughout the bootcamp and during the i²c Networking Friday Pitch Challenge have demonstrated high potential and dedication to bringing their research to the market.


Award Winners:


''The i²c Award facilitated my efforts towards turning scientific findings into industrial applications. Especially during this time of plentiful uncertainties, the i²c award allowed me to focus on business development and fundraising instead of worrying about how to fill the fridge. In this context, the i²c Award played a crucial role in my decision to pursue my ambitions of taking science to industry.''

Wieland Reichelt, CEO evologic Technolgies

''The i²c Award really gave me a boost of motivation on the way to envision a business case around the technology I developed in my Ph.D. research. The i²c STARTacademy was the first occasion in which I presented my research in an entrepreneurial context. The fact that the expert jury decided that my idea deserves an award convinced me to continue to work on the transformation of my research into a startup, which is now - three years later - my full-time mission.''

Lisa Smith, Co-Founder & Managing Director prewave

''A great scholarship that offers help and support to take an idea from the research stage to the product stage. The i²c Award offers a wide range of competencies that are needed when starting a company and has helped us kick-start our company "

Linda Andersson, Co-founder & CTO Artificial Researcher an Information Technology Company (AR-IT)

''I want to thank the i²c very much for the i²c High Potential PhD Award 2018. Participating in the STARTacademy was a unique experience for turning research results into business ideas. The project Turbulence Solutions was presented at the i²c Networking Friday for the first time with a very positive response. The awarded price supports us to further pursue our vision to make flights turbulence-free. By developing smart wings, our solution results in significant savings of fuel and flight time, i.e. reducing flight costs and flight emissions. Furthermore, comfort and safety for passengers and crew will be improved by stabilizing the aircraft in turbulent air. To this end, the i²c  provides unique know-how, network contacts and facilities to accelerate the project development."

András Gálffy

"The i² award encouraged and motivated us to further explore the business applications of our technology. The mentoring by the i²c helped us turn a research project into a business case and played a crucial role in establishing Biomotion Technologies. We are very grateful and honoured to receive this award!"

Gregor Weisgrab