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Currently industrial agriculture allows about 30% of the investment in fertilizer to be washed away. Nature actually has a solution: AMF - a symbiotic fungi. In symbiosis with crop plants AMF can decrease fertilizer and pesticide demand. But current AMF Products are simply too expensive. We as Evologic technologies are developing a scalable bioprocess which leads to significant cost reduction for the production of AMF. Achieving this goal will render the usage of AMF an imperative from an economic and an ecologic point of view - for the sake of our food and our environment.


Shipping has never been this easy

byrd provides e-commerce fulfillment services for webshops. Customers connect their shop systems (Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware, etc.) with the byrd software which transfers their orders automatically to the byrd warehouse. There the order is fulfilled and shipped to the recipient. With its service byrd provides 1-click logistics for webshops so that shop owners can focus on selling their products again.


See beyond a single case. (Former: RadiologyExplorer)

contextflow revolutionizes the medical information search process with the help of deep learning: our 3D image-based search engine for radiologists looks for regions of interest within images (currently 18+ patterns in lung CTs); when a suspicious pattern is detected, we immediately find visually similar cases, descriptions and relevant reference information, affording doctors easy access to knowledge currently hidden in large medical image data and their associated reports...all within seconds. No more paging through books, guessing the right keyword or consulting various text-based reference search engines. In addition, our software can be configured to allow for prioritization of cases where patterns of interest are detected.

Mining social media streams for supply chain risks

Enterprises with complex supply chain networks face a multitude of disruption risks along their entire supply chain and transportation routes. prewave– a data analytics startup specializing in the prediction of supply chain risks – detects such disruptions early, enabling its customers to minimize their potential impact. The prewave-prototype was developed by Lisa Madlberger in her PhD research at TU Wien in collaboration with University of Indonesia and Institute of Technology in Bandung. prewave joined the TUW I²NCUBATOR in 2016 with the goal of bringing their cutting edge AI technology for event prediction to market.
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Do the experiments you never dreamed possible

Huber Scientific develops novel solutions for experimental equipment used in the fields of Electrochemistry and Solid State Ionics. These innovative setups not only enable completely new experiments, but also allow for the first time a combination of different, complementary methods.
Huber Scientific will also supply completely new designed and improved test equipment for standardized measurements, which is much easier to repair, simpler to use and much cheaper than other test stations already available on the market. Up until now, research groups worldwide had to develop and build their own measurement equipment since for many experiments no commercial setups were available. This often resulted in makeshift equipment of varying quality with no long term support.
With years of experience in designing high quality and easy to use and upkeep experimental equipment, Huber Scientific will help research groups all over the world to focus on what they are doing best: Delivering top notch science.

Visualizing the tiny world around us

In the field of nanotechnology and structural biology, new technologies and findings are made every day. Traditionally, time-consuming manually created illustrations are used to market those technologies. Nanographics offers novel software solutions that simplify and fasten the creation of such illustrations and animations. Using our technology, our customers can explain even complicated processes in a simple and visually stunning manner.

UGP materials – CRYS* – the future of composite materials

UGP materials produces CRYS, the only polyimide with high crystallinity worldwide. It is produced in patented hydrothermal geomimetic polymer synthesis.
UGP materials is currently in its final days of pre-founding.
This structure gives the product superior attributes in terms of:
• thermal stability
• tensile & compressive strength
• ultra-light weight
CRYS can be used in composite materials of all kinds from coating, sport equipment, electronics up to aeronautics. Its unique structure allows production of very small particles to be used in all kind of composite productions processes. It can be used when sintering a composite, for usage in films and additional reinforcement for resin based composites like carbon fibres.
The patented production process achieves both the described attributes as well as being green by reducing the need of chemical components in production of imides. This is achieved by a crystallization of the product in pure water instead of using toxic solvents and catalyst like it is currently state-of-the-art.


Generates Virtual Worlds

3D artists are overloaded with complex content creation tasks for films, games and commercials. Michelangelo is a cloud application that helps them to drop production times from days to hours. After three years of research the unique AI-powered technology will be launched in Beta by the end of this year.

An ultrasonic trap to catch very small particles in liquids – in order for them to be measured much better in industrial environments

We aim on making revenue on the basis of an add-on for process analytical technology in the industrial environment. Our soniccatch exploits ultrasonic fields to exert forces on suspended particles and thus enhance the stability, sensitivity, specificity and other parameters of industrial sensing/analytical devices. It enables various – often optical – sensing schemes to be applied in-line, i.e. directly within the reaction vessel or media stream and real-time, i.e. without the need of sample taking or time-consuming preparation protocols.
The device can be applied to enhance the controlling/steering of processes in various industries reaching from pharmaceutical or biotechnological production over food/beverages and cosmetic products to oil industry and wastewater treatment. The improvement brought about by the soniccatch is targeting on the increase of product yield, product quality and efficiency.

hear the light

We provide nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) for highly sensitive infrared and terahertz radiation detection without the need for cryogenic cooling. Our groundbreaking sensors use the detuning of nanomechanical drums to detects light with exceptional sensitivity at room temperature.

Making flights turbulence-free

We develop smart wings, which sense turbulence of the environment and adapt their shape to suppress the effects of turbulence in flight. Turbulence frequently lowers comfort and safety of passengers and causes economical damage to flight operators. With the "Turbulence Suppressing Program" - TSP - we finally are able to solve this long-term market request. TSP is a patented technology, which stabilizes aircraft in turbulent air. The basic principle of the technology is already applicable to state of the art aircraft by an innovative approach of flight control. By including new technologies like LiDAR and morphing structures, the impact of turbulence can further be significantly reduced.

Artificial researcher

The Artificial Researcher-Science project aims to provide researchers and students with a tool for efficient background research methods when reading, reviewing, and searching for scientific publications. The result of this work will be a prototype that will be used by TU Wien library. The library will also use the tool in their training programs to foster information literacy among students and early-career researchers. The information needs of academic users are different from a web search scenario using keywords, but still, the existing systems offer keyword search and sometimes search on bibliographic data. By identifying the academic user's “real” information needs, and thereafter categorizing them into different types of search requests the system matches the user request better than existing solutions. In the long term, our system will save time and increase the information literacy among students and researchers. A scientific paper contains domain-specific terms, citations and has a particular rhetorical structure. These features can be used to provide students and researchers with a more straightforward method to retrieve relevant information regarding citations or subtopics mentioned in the literature. For several years we have developed a set of novel patent text mining applications from automatic terminology extraction, text summarization to patent passage (paragraph) retrieval. For patent passage retrieval we hold the-state-of-the-art techniques since 2016. In the project Artificial Researcher, we aim to transfer the technology developed for the patent domain to other scientific text domains.

Help your students achieve the maximum of their learning abilities.

WITIT is an adaptive learning platform based on AI, that enables teachers to track their students progress and quickly assist those, who are struggling. By gaining insight into students’ pre-knowledge and learning style, WITIT always creates an explanation of a term according to their individual preferences. This way, both students and teachers gain an advantage: students obtain personalised content and will be able to study more effectively, while teachers gain means to keep each individual student engaged throughout the whole course.


Individual X-ray analysis solutions for you!

X-ray Analytical Instruments GmbH develops modular and flexible equipment for the analysis of nanoscale materials. We offer customised solutions for non-destuctive determination of elemental composition in a wide range of applications. This includes but is not limited to: layers and particles in the nanometer range as well as liquids. We provide analytical services for trace elements, contaminations, layer composition and thickness. Due to our longstanding experience, we also offer consulting and training.


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