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Application for the TUW i2ncubator

Apply for TUW i²ncubator!

This is the first step to become part of the next batch of the TUW i²ncubator.
Please fill in the form below and if you make it to the next phase, we will invite you to present your project/company to our board of advisors.

  • Application deadline is June 27th at 23:59
  • The presentations will take place in the first two weeks of July
We are looking forward to receiving your application.

(or working title)
Describe your product/service/idea in a few sentences
What are the problems, conditions or events that will make this business attractive or successful?
Who is this being sold to? What are the characteristics of the target market? For which applications is the product intended?
Why would they buy this product/service? What are the benefits to the customer?
Who are the competitors/alternative solutions? What are customers using now as an alternative? What unique characteristics do you have that would give you an advantage? Is your product/service patentable?
How will you get paid?
How will this be sold? Who will do it?
Conducted market research? Built a prototype? Formed a company?
Who owns the intellectual property rights? Have you evaluated the type of IP protection you need? Have you taken any steps towards securing or protecting your IP?
List current team members, including a brief background, email, and what role or function each will play. What additional talent do you need to start the company?
List faculty and other advisors if you have them and/or background or expertise of advisors that you would like to find.
Have you participated in any of the programs offered at TU Wien on entrepreneurship? If yes, please mention the name of the program.
What are your expectations from the program?
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
Attach any documents you believe might be relevant to understand better your project/business concept (in .pdf)