Upcoming i²c Founder & Investor Talk with Niko Alm on April 5th


In March we welcomed two experienced speakers at our Founder & Investor Talks. Antoinette Rhomberg, founder and CEO of Werksalon and Moritz Plassnig, co-founder and CEO of Codeship, shared their stories and lessons learned with us. For pictures of the talks visit our website or Facebook page and for short videos from past talks our Youtube channel.

We would like to invite you to the third talk of this season on WED, April 5th, 5pm with Niko Alm, who knows not only the founder’s and the investor’s but also the politician’s perspective. Niko Alm

  • founded several companies since 2000

  • brought the international media company VICE to Austria and became CEO of the CEE region

  • is an active nano business angel

  • is a member of parliament for NEOS and focuses on economics with an emphasis on start-ups (among others)

After his talk and the Q&A-session, we invite you for networking accompanied by some free drinks. There is no fee, but registration on Eventbrite is necessary.

F&I Talk #33: “From One-Man-Show to One-Man-Show (to One-Man-Show)” with Niko Alm

Niko Alm founded his first enterprise in 2000 during the last dying breaths of the first internet bubble. Since then he kept a good pace of approx. one new company per year, including the rooting of the international media company VICE to Austria. After a streak of establishing new companies, mergers and acquisitions, he sold most of his shareholdings to VICE and starting investing in all sorts of companies. Niko also helped to bring the new political movement NEOS to parliament and became a member of parliament in 2013. In his talk, Niko tries to find patterns of success of failures of his own ventures in the development of his startups.

More about the speaker:

Niko Alm, born in Vienna 1975, holds a master’s degree in philosophy and communication science and is founder of the creative agency Super-Fi. The company joined the international media group VICE in 2013, Alm then became CEO for the CEE region. He is also a founding member of NEOS, a new liberal party in Austria, and has been a member of the parliament since 2013. His policy focus areas include economics (with an emphasis on start-ups), media, cultural affairs, internal affairs, net politics and space. Alm himself is also a nano-business angel.

Preview of subsequent i²c Founder & Investor Talks 2017:

  • WED, April 26th, 5:00-7:00 p.m.: Talk #34 “The Silicon-Valley-Mindset” with Mario Herger, Founder and CEO at Enterprise Garage Consultancy (EI 9 Hlawka Hörsaal)

  • WED, May 10th, 5:30-7:30 p.m.: Talk #35 “How I grew my side project “fastlane” from 0 to tens of thousands users” with Felix Krause, Creator of fastlane, iOS developer at Google (EI 10 Fritz Paschke Hörsaal)

  • WED, May 31st, 5:00-7:00 p.m.: Talk #36 “Minefield of experience: A mixture of success and failure from seven company foundations” with Michael Eisler, Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & CEO at startup300 (EI 9 Hlawka Hörsaal)

  • WED, June 21st, 5:00-7:00 p.m.: Talk #37: “The life of an entrepreneur or the thin line between genius & madness” with Selma Prodanovic, Founder & CEO of 1millionstartups.com and Brainswork Group, Co-Founder & Vice President of Austrian Angel Investors Association (EI 9 Hlawka Hörsaal)

All talks take place at 1040 Vienna, Gußhausstr. 25-29, Staircase I, Ground Floor. Free entry but registration is necessary (Eventbrite).

More about the i²c Founder & Investor Talks

The i²c Founder & Investor Talks enable the diverse audience to learn first-hand from experienced founders and investors. They share lessons learned, dos and don’ts during their talks and answer the participants’ questions in interactive Q&A-sessions. The audience benefits from given tips and hints and gets valuable insights into the founder’s as well as the investor’s perspective. The talk series offers the possibility to network with like-minded people in relaxed atmosphere accompanied by some drinks.

The Innovation Incubation Center (i²c) is looking forward to many interested participants!