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we are living in exciting times. The digital transformation is about to change the world as we came to know it. You have the privilege to be among those who actively design the transformation – who build the world of tomorrow.

As a scientist, you are interested in developing theories and methods that are suited to open new perspectives on the future. In addition, or alternatively, you might be interested in implementing your ideas in new products and services – and to found your own company.

Of course, there is no recipe for success. However, it is a good idea to prepare yourself for becoming an entrepreneur. The TUW Innovation Incubation Center (i²c) offers a program that will not only enable you to professionally plan your potential business, but also to develop networks you will benefit from for the rest of your professional life.

·         How to describe key features of your research and the benefits it brings to the customers.

·         Market & competitor analysis methods to discover the specific needs of the market your prospective customers belong to.

·         How to determine and effectively reach your customers (market segmentation, market targeting, product positioning).

·         Marketing MIX: product, price, place, promotion.

·         Tools and methods for developing a business model and a financial plan.

·         Financing strategy & pitch training (targeting investors, customers, whoever you want to target with your storytelling)


The i²c STARTacademy offers the opportunity to investigate the business potential of your research, to develop a market-oriented mindset and to learn what to expect when spinning out. This format provides you with a personalized framework for thoroughly planning your market entry by bringing you together with 30+ experienced national & international mentors, coaches, investors and industry representatives over the course of three full days in order for you to work together with them on the following aspects of your research projects:

Participation is free of charge for TUW researchers and includes participation at the workshop, team spirit, access to our top network as well as full catering over the duration of the workshop.

Impressions about what the i²c STARTacademy is all about can be found here:

i²c Award worth €15k

Participation in the i²c STARTacademy is a pre-condition for running for the i²c Award.

A €5,000, – scholarship granted to PhD candidates/PhDs with a high potential research result who want to spin out their research. It offers PhD graduates an entry to an alternative career path and the opportunity to focus on the commercialization of their PhD result with a basic monthly income after finishing their contract with TU Wien. This award comes with admittance into the TUW i²ncubator and desk space at the TU Wien Founder Space for 1 year.

How to apply?

Just fill in the online application form available on our website under:

Applications have to be submitted by November 9th latest!

Info Event:

Date:         October 10th,  4pm, 2018

Location: Floragasse 7, 1040, Seminarraum SEM 366-MST (2nd  floor)

Get introduced to the i²c STARTacademy format, meet former alumni & the i²c team as well as find out all the details about the i²c Award worth €15k.

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Scientific Program Manager
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