i²c Founder & Investor Talk #44 – TUW Alumni Edition on Dec. 19th: “From Lab to World Market Leadership” by Johannes Homa


Lithoz is system provider for additive manufacturing of high-performance ceramics and is a spin-off of the TU Wien. Johannes Benedikt and Johannes Homa have developed the technology during their PhD time at the TU Wien and founded Lithoz in 2011. They have developed Lithoz from an university spin-off to the innovation and world market leader. Lithoz employs today 60 people in Vienna and Troy, NYS, USA. Johannes Homa will tell the story and show how it is possible to build up a company without investors.

More about Johannes Homa

Dr. Johannes Homa holds a PhD in materials science from the Vienna University of Technology and has worked in additive manufacturing since 2003. He is co-founder and managing director of Lithoz GmbH (www.lithoz.com), the world leader in additive manufacturing of advanced ceramics. He also co-founded the company Cubicure GmbH (www.cubicure.com), which deals with the development and marketing of machines and materials in the field of lithographic high-performance plastics. In addition, Dr. Homa is on the board of directors of an American company and is also president and founder of the initiative AM Austria (www.am-austria.com). He is the technical director of the Austrian 3D Printing Forum (https://www.3d-printing-forum.at) and co-inventor of several patents and author of numerous publications in the field of additive manufacturing.

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