From Founder to Business Angel & Social Investor by Michael Altrichter

April 29, 2014 @ 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm Europe/Vienna Timezone
From Founder to Business Angel & Social Investor by Michael Altrichter

In this talk, Michael Altrichter gives insights from his „soaring and stalling rollercoster ride of ups and downs,“ between founding and selling his first start-up paysafecard. As an alumnus of TU Wien, he describes how to build a multi-million company from scratch and what the main obstacles and success factors are.

Secondly, Michael focuses on the Business Angel situation in Austria with an emphasis on the relationship between the Founders and the Angels. Last but not least he speaks about the responsibility of founders and investors in duly observing sustainability and social impact.


About Michael Altrichter

Michael Altrichter co-founded Wertkarten AG, starting it from scratch in 2000 and selling it to Skrill, a strategic partner in payment. After founding and selling his second payment company, payolution, he now has shareholdings in 12+ start-ups and is simultaneously an active member of the advisory board at Wikifolio (a social trading investment platform,, rublys (digital scratch cards for smart phones, and Reef Interactive (3D diving maps, Michael is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and serious Business Angel, who loves to help highly committed teams developing brilliant business ideas to become successfull companies. Recently he became the fifth Ashoka Network Support Member in Austria. Ashoka is a global non-profit organization that identifies and invests in leading social entrepreneurs.