Obtaining aws PreSeed-funding: dos and don’ts @ TU Wien Innovation Incubation Center
Jan 15 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Obtaining aws PreSeed-funding: dos and don'ts @ TU Wien Innovation Incubation Center

About the workshop

This workshop will offer you a holistic understanding of the whole process: from the application stage to successfully finishing a PreSeed-Project. You will learn what aws considers ‘innovative’ and ‘high-tech’, what should be included in your application (structural information, team, terms, timetables, business model, etc.) and what are the follow-up steps providing you have a successful application.For the unanswered questions, we reserved time for a Q&A session at the end of the workshop.


About the lecturer:

Karl Biedermann

Investment Manager, Austrian Wirtschaftsservice

In the last 10 years Mr. Karl Biedermann has worked at voestalpine (Austrian Steel corporation) and CSC (US Computer Sciences Corporation) with a focus on Industrial IT-Products/Services and B2B-Sales.

As an investment manager at aws he advises, supports and funds High-tech Startups with his expertise for 8 years already. Besides that, he is also a member in several funding decision boards in the Austrian funding system. He holds master’s degrees in telecommunication, business and corporate communications.


Technology Competence Leveraging @ Online Webinar
Apr 1 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Technology Competence Leveraging @ Online Webinar

Evgeniia Filippova

Scientist at AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Centre for Innovation Systems and Policy

As a scientist at the AIT Centre for Innovation Systems and Policy, Evgeniia Filippova investigates new patterns in socio-technological developments and helps formulate policy strategies for public authorities and firms.

Prior to that, Evgeniia has been a senior scientist at the WU Vienna, where she coordinated interdisciplinary research activities on Blockchain-based business models, delivered various lectures and workshops on Cryptoeconomics, FinTechs and Blockchains (within the WU Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics), taught a broad range of courses in entrepreneurship, business modelling and innovation management (within the WU Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation). Evgeniia Filippova has extensive experience in supporting scientists to transfer their research results into successful business models gained, among others, at CERN where she has been responsible for analysing smart sensor technologies with regards to their potential commercial applications and for providing entrepreneurial training for scientists with a technical background.

Workshop “Technology Competence Leveraging: How to Commercialize Your Technology” // “Technology Competence Leveraging: Finding Commercially Attractive Applications for Your Technology”

Finding the commercial potential of your research results is often a challenging task. This workshop will provide you a concrete step-by-step methodology how to:

  • Analyse your research results from a customer’s prospective;
  • Search for market(s) with the highest commercial attractiveness;
  • Decide which market to go for;
  • Design a successful business model.

The workshop may be of interest for early-stage entrepreneurs with a technical background and for all those who consider applying for a research grant and need support with the exploitation of the research results.


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