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February 16th - 18th, 2016

February 19th, 2016
Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems


Auto-Robotics is an Austrian startup that takes a complex idea and turns it into a manageable, everyday business solution, using a base station and flight objects for data collection. The unique base station is at the heart of an infrastructure that includes the latest vision-based algorithm. This algorithm - together with the flight objects - manages tasks autonomously, only interacting on human interfaces if they are given a particular demand. Unsupervised lift-offs and landings are controlled by the latest object detection algorithms - as well as logistical planning - thereby transforming complex tasks into a manageable sequence of events at any time 24/7. These objects are capable of scheduling, collecting and sorting large amounts of sensor data. They can also evaluate and deliver this data via the internet and radio to users who do not need prior technical knowledge. APIs are available to complete almost every business need. Our mission is to make complex tasks and data analysis by flight objects safe, self-sufficient, and reliably powerful tools for businesses across industry, agriculture and construction. "

Alumni Informatics Innovation Center (i²c)


Byrd is an on-demand shipping service which allows customers to ship items with their smartphone. We pick up the items, package them, and ship them with the best carrier for a service fee of €4,90. We offer a simple and effective logistic solution for millions of e-commerce actors, who are currently wasting resources on the shipping process. No more amateur packaging, post office queuing, and random carrier prices. The business model has been proven highly successful in the US (by, however, the European market is still untapped

Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing


Find your dream car without anger – this is our motto and we work hard to help our clients. If you want to find all car ads from famous and popular car searching platforms at one place with comfortable searching options, then you are right at CarToMe. You can search for cars with special equipment just by entering the name of the equipment as text. When using our platform, you don’t have to look every day for a new car, because we offer you the possibility to be notified by email if a new car ad that matches your searching criteria is available. Beside the car-comparison option, you will be provided with extremely helpful details of the car, which are the location of the car/car-seller on a map, price history, average price and sharing options. For registered users we provide synchronized favorite lists and machine learning technology, which will help you for every search if you mark car ads as interesting or not interesting.

CogVis Software und Consulting GmbH  
Institute of Computer Aided Automation


“A picture is worth a thousand words!”, but an expert eye is often not enough. CogVis was founded as a spin-off of Vienna University of Technology (Vienna UT) in. From day one, we have been working intensively on technology transfer and the integration of the latest research results from Computer Vision into our products. The close partnership with Vienna UT, Computer Vision Lab (CVL), exists to date and is ever becoming stronger. We are software experts for analyzing content in images, videos and 3D data. Our product portfolio includes a range of standard solutions for vertical markets such as security, business intelligence, industry or smart homes. Furthermore we deliver tailor-made solutions for our clients’ needs from initial feasibility studies to the final software product. Now and in the future, the CogVis team is looking forward to delivering state-of-the-art computer vision technology for your applications. Benefit from our know-how and do more with your images!

TU Wien Alumni


Our product is a production planning, regulating and controlling software for the industry. With our solution any company can digitize their workflow, speed up their daily routines and make the whole process much more efficient. Our goal is to get rid of unnecessary paperwork so the workers can focus on the more important issues. Furthermore we are researching in the field of industry 4.0, so in the future our product can communicate with other machines. We believe that every company has its own unique production process. Therefore we focus on individualizing our product to the need of the customer. We plan the software together with our customers and their workers to figure out the perfect workflow for their production process. The result is an incredible high customer satisfaction. Also we have a working product, a paying customer and therefore a proof of concept.

Institute of Materials Chemistry


High-performance polymers (HPPs) are plastics of outstanding mechanical, thermal and chemical stability. They find use in applications where low weight matters and demanding conditions arise, e.g., in aviation, space technology and microelectronics. The exceptional materials properties of HPPs increase with crystallinity. We have developed a technique to prepare a highly important type of HPPs – polyimides (PIs) – of unprecedented crystallinity. In addition, our technique is much less harmful than conventional preparations for PIs: we use nothing but water, heat and the starting chemicals. Crystalline PIs would allow for generating even better performing HPP materials for numerous high-end applications. With CRYSPI, we envision to manufacture outstandingly crystalline and thus stable polyimides by our novel environmentally friendly procedure.

Alumni Diploma Supplement on Innovation


Get the best out of crowdfunding projects – a tool for investors and founders. Mainly, the application aims to assure investment security to investors by predicting the project’s success based on a large set of parameters. Additionally, we provide founders a sophisticated analysis tool, which allows them to optimize their project on-the-fly and consequently boost the project’s success. It enables ongoing project monitoring and continuously predicts the success, so that founders can react early on undesirable developments.

TU Wien Alumni


Ecosio is an all-around provider of EDI services, optimally prepared for Industry 4.0 and flexible supply chain management. ecosio allows enterprises of all sizes to continually optimize their business processes. Our products grow along with customers’ demands while remaining user-friendly, cutting edge, and cost-efficient. ecosio.ERPEL (ERP Exchange Language) is ecosio’s leading EDI innovation. ecosio.ERPEL makes it possible to connect ERP systems via direct integration, a single standardized transmission channel, and a unified document format. ecosio provides a modern REST API that allows all of ecosio.ERPEL’s features to be seamlessly integrated into an ERP system’s user-interface, making it 100% EDI ready.

TU Wien Alumni


FlatPal is an innovative Platform for Flatshares. It's easy and intuitive, it's Tinder for Flatshares! With its innovative matching algorithm it will provide you with matching results for your new shared flat or roommate.Based on one's preferences, FlatPal suggests you accomodations with new roommates that fit for you. If you are someone that already has a flatshare and offers a room it provides you with possible roommates. Both parties, that are people who are looking for a flat as well as people that already live inside a flat and offer a room, can then Like or Dislike each other. If both sides like each other they have a Match. And from this point on they have the possibility to chat with each other using FlatPals integrated Messenger.

Fluorescence Scanner for Quality Inspection of Asphalt Roadworks  
Institute of Materials Chemistry


The prototype of a fluorescence scanner shall be developed with the aim to improve quality inspection and testing of asphalt streets. Bitumen for roadworks exhibits strong fluorescence signals in the visible range reflecting the molecular composition of the asphalt binder. Using a fluorescence scanner will enable us to stimulate fluorescence selectively and to detect and analyze the answer. From this spectral information we can draw conclusions concerning the alteration of the molecular composition and thus the state of aging. The fluorescence scanner shall be broadly available in the whole value added chain from the bitumen production in the refinery and the asphalt mounting down to the asphalt recycling.

Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing


JustMe is a camera application of a new generation. It allows to create photos in a completely new way. Thanks to this application vacation photos of beautiful places can be taken without recording distracting or moving objects such as for example persons or cars. A clever algorithm detects moving objects, deletes them and fills-up the spots with real background. Although everything is fully automated.

Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms


Visiting a museum of fine arts is not always fun. Paintify can create great experience for the visitors. It maps the visitor's face to any portrait in the gallery. Visitors can experiment and instead of taking selfies with famous artworks, they can actually appear in them. This way, the connection to the exhibition gets much stronger and the visitors feel more involved. Of course, they can buy their customized paintings in printed form or share them on social networks.

Radiology Explorer  
Diploma Supplement on Innovation Alumni


Radiology Explorer brings state of the art machine learning and semantic analysis to real world applications. It allows radiologists to mark a region of interest containing a pathological appearance in an medical image (e.g. CT or MRI) and within seconds finds visually similar cases, including their descriptions. This way radiologists for the first time can efficiently browse through the PetaBytes of existing medical image data, and also get easy access to case relevant reference information and online literature. Radiology Explorer brings the information closer to the point of care and supports radiologists, so that they can focus on diagnosing their patient images instead of wasting valuable time searching for information.



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