Awards given at the i²c StartAcademy 2015

The teams which have been "surviving" the 3 days bootcamp style i²c StartAcademy - where trainers and mentors were lecturing and supportive in different subjects - competed in the Pitch Challenge taking place at day 4 of the event, the i²c NetworkFriday. Potential Spin-Off projects were presented to a jury consisting of community stakeholders like Business Angel investors, public seed funding agencies like AWS, FFG or the Vienna Business Agency, as well as our incubator INITS. The jury decided on the following awards sponsored by AAIA, Pioneers Festival, CISCO EIR, CONDA, INITS, and the Informatics Innovation Center (i²c):


Winner: HOBBIT - the home roboter
(Michael Zillich, Lara Lammer, Georg Melzer - Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Faculty of Informatics)


Injuries suffered by a fall cause 60% of care facility admissions. The main cause for a fall is tripping, dehydration and forgetting medication, all of which can be avoided by a home robot. The reason why robots are not in homes right now is the high price of robots and low acceptance by users. We have developed a low price robot (priced at € 15k) and a scientifically proven concept, based on mutual care between the elderly and the robot, to dramatically increase the acceptance for robots at home.

Winner: Radiology Image Search
(Markus Holzer, Georg Langs: Faculty of Informatics & MedUni)


A medical image search engine for radiologists. It gives them easy access to otherwise unused imaging data and expert knowledge relevant to their diagnosis. The data is accumulated in hospitals with a rate of appr. 250.000 cases/year. Fast image search helps radiogists to speed up their work in clinical routine, research and teaching, who would otherwise have to search through books, or chase colleagues.

HIGH POTENTIAL R&D AWARD: € 3000 Realization Grant ("Verwertungsstipendium") sponsored by i²c  
Winner: StrikeSensor
(Lisa Madlberger: Faculty of Informatics)


Labor strikes are signals of social unrest and cause disruptions in companies' supply chains. Currently there is no data source which provides up-to-date information on strike events. StrikeSensor uses an analytical model to detect labor strikes around the world based on Twitter data and extracts event information in real-time. Companies with large supply chain networks can use this data-as-a-service to improve decision making and avoid disruptions. The multi-lingual event-detection model at the core of StrikeSensor can be trained to detect other types of events in the future.

CONDA CROWDINVESTING AWARD: Product place on the CONDA Crowdinvesting Platform  
Winner: CloudFleet (Dražen Lučanin, Christoph Witzany: Faculty of Informatics)


A plug&play personal data center for secure and private cloud services. Why use clouds that spy on your data and sell information to advertisment companies when you can afford your own data center?! The CloudFleet Blimp is a device that you place in your home and it enables you to communicate securely via email, manages your files, calendar and contacts. It is easy to use from anywhere, keeps your personal data safe and will grow into a smart personal assistant.

CISCO EIR AWARD: Pitch in the last 15 round at Investors Day @Pioneers Festival  
(Waldemar Hummer, Oliver Moser: Faculty of Informatics)


People, applications and devices generate huge amounts of data in an increasingly connected world. riots is a Cloud-based platform for the Internet of Things economy, turning data into valuable resources. We provide timely, verified, authenticated data to enable anyone to build next-generation smart, data-driven services.

INNOVATION AWARD: Ticket to the Pioneers Festival sponsored by Pioneers and CISCO EIR  
Winner: Michelangelo
(Martin Ilcik, Lucia Büchlerova, Michael Wimmer: Faculty of Informatics)


With Michelangelo artists can design architectural 3D content for movies, games and commercials. Production time is minimized by utilizing templates from our marketplace. Michelangelo transforms them automatically into unique 3D models, which are custom tailored for the given scene.

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